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United Airlines

Graphic Designer and Creative Lead for safety initiative programs: LEAP (Leadership, Excellence, and Professionalism), and Aviation Maintenance Never Events.®

More Info  — 

Convergent Performance's LEAP program was launched and then trained over a four-year period to United pilots, dispatch, and flight attendants through live training, micro-learning, e-readers, and challenge posters. 

The Aviation Maintenance Never Events® program was delivered by Convergent Performance via train-the-trainer to aviation technicians through live training and safety reminder posters.

All visual projects and communications that reflect the United brand were reviewed in advance by the United Brand Team to ensure branding guidelines were in place prior to release. All presentations were required to be used with the United PPT template.

Client  — 


United Airlines

Credits — 

Convergent Performance, LLC

  • Program Manager & SME: Doug Downey

  • Instructional Designer & SME: Tony Kern

  • Tech Writer & Editor: Paul Miller


United Airlines

  • Managing Director, Flight Standards SME, Captain John Weigand

  • Managing Director, Flight Training SME, Captain Mike McCasky

  • Brand and Media Teams

  • Photo Source: United Airlines


My Role  — 


  • Creative Lead

  • Graphic Design

  • Editorial Design

  • Presentation Design

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