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Responsible, Innovative, Reliable, Efficient

If you are considering hiring Marcie Miller you are half way to making one of the best business decisions you will ever make. I have worked closely with Ms. Miller for a decade, and can unequivocally state that she is the most reliable and creative person I have ever worked with in my 30 years of public and private sector leadership. Four words describe her work ethic: responsible, innovative, creative, and efficient. I have worked with Marcie in both a corporate office setting and more recently, in a virtual setting. She has served as my executive assistant, graphic designer, and document layout technician. In fact, Marcie has been the cover art and interior layout creative force behind several of my award‐winning books. She is a self‐starter, always asking questions to clarify her assignments and then completing them on time and on budget, if not early and below budget estimates. She is also a great team player, routinely contributing ideas and insights even outside of her scope of work. Put succinctly, she is a joy to work with. Consider this the strongest possible recommendation for employment in any of these areas.

Dr. Tony Kern, CEO, Author, Speaker
Convergent Performance


Creative, Attentive, Intuitive, Talented

I have never seen anyone match Marcie's creative talent in graphic design and desktop publishing. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a professional, high quality product that is both modern and original. One just needs to generally describe their vision and Marcie will get to work. The end product is guaranteed to be eye-catching, clearly relay the intended message, and be memorable and thought provoking. Marcie's ability to create posters, training materials, format  presentations, and communicate complex ideas using graphic design is exceptional. Marcie created aviation safety posters and training materials for the FBI's Aviation Program that clearly illustrated complex training topics and were used by pilots, sensor operators, maintenance technicians, and aviation staff in FBI field offices nation-wide. Marcie is my first choice when looking for creativity and graphic design. Marcie's talents don't end with graphic design. She is a tremendous asset to any team or office. I would describe Marcie as personable, innovative, attentive, intuitive and talented.   

Troy Smith, Aviation Safety Manager

Federal Bureau of Investigation (retired)

Leidos Corp



Efficient, Collaborative

Working with Marcie was a true pleasure.  Our initial interview was a fun and creative process where she asked great questions to help me describe the story of my brand and the feeling I want it to evoke. Not only was Marcie efficient and collaborative, but she took the time to teach me along the way. Her work brought me an unexpected, yet very welcomed confidence as it was a key element in introducing my new business to the world.

Tiffany Lyon, Career & Professional Development Coach
Suntima Consulting


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Diligent, Conscientious, Courteous

Marcie Miller has my highest recommendation as a potential employee. While at Convergent Performance, I had the privilege of working with Marcie for more than ten years. She is an outstanding worker and teammate, as well as being diligent, conscientious, and courteous.
Ms. Miller has an excellent eye for design and aesthetics. She single-handedly revamped all of our training materials in a manner that made them more effective and brand-distinctive. At large conferences, such as Bombardier’s Safety Standdown, we were routinely envied and complimented by other presenters and attendees. Finally—and this is critical in the COVID-19 era—Marcie understands and is completely proficient at telework. She worked in our office in Colorado Springs for several years before transitioning to virtual work when she moved out of state.

Patrick Daily, Director of Safety
Berry Aviation, Inc.



Attention to Detail, Eye for Design

If you are considering hiring Marcie, do it! I had the pleasure of working with her for eight years and cannot speak highly enough about the quality of her work. Her attention to detail, thoroughness, and level of professionalism is second to none. Plus, she has a great eye for design and tons of creativity that take her projects to the next level. Marcie is not only a wonderful team member, but is one of the best and most caring people I’ve ever known.

Kacy Schwartz, Customer Service Manager​
Tigris Fulfillment Partners



Dedicated, Helpful

In the time I have known Marcie, she has repeatedly proven her dedication as an employee and as a friend. She is always happy and willing to help out someone who needs assistance and received the utmost respect and admiration from her fellow coworkers. Anyone would be extremely fortunate to have Marcie within their organization.

Melissa Smith, HR Manager
Independent Human Resources & Sales



Perfectionist, Personable

I would recommend Marcie without hesitation for any position in graphic design, presentation creation, and desktop publishing. We have worked closely both in person and remotely on many projects, Marcie completes her projects and tasks to perfection—not just sometimes, but every time. She doesn't allow anything to leave her desk until she is certain it is completed not to the standards requested, but above and beyond them. She is personable, easy to work, with and can visualize a finished item based only on ideas and descriptions of what is needed. 

Andy Kay, Audio Video Media Specialist
Convergent Performance (retired)



Integrity, Professionalism

It was a pleasure to work with Marcie.

I highly recommend Marcie as she consistently kept all our projects organized and coordinated many people and locations. As a team, we depended on Marcie to communicate the clients needs and expectations. She approaches each project with high integrity and professionalism.

Faelan Lee Maley, Visual Content Creator 
BackPack Films


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