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West Star Aviation

Client  — 


West Star Aviation (Maintenance Division​)


Credits — 

  • Convergent Performance, LLC

  • Program Manager & SME: Doug Downey

  • Instructional Designer: Dr. Tony Kern

  • Tech Writer & Editor: Paul Miller

  • Photo Source: West Star Aviation

My Role  — 

  • Graphic Designer

  • Editorial Designer

  • Presentation Designer

  • Curriculum Assistant to Chief Learning Officer

  • Creative Lead

Creative Lead, Presentation Designer, and Graphic Designer for aviation maintenance safety initiatives and certifications through the FAA Inspection Authorization Renewal Maintenance Mastery (MxM) programs. 

More Info  — 

Contributed to the following training courseware offerings:

  • Maintenance Mastery

  • Aviation Maintenance Never Events® (AMNE)

  • Twelve Angry Factors 

  • Physiology

  • Risk Based Thinking

  • Optimal Performance

  • Crafting a Culture of Compliance

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