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Convergent Performance

Client  — 


Various High-Risk Organizations

Credits — 


  • Managing Partner: Chris Lutat 

  • CEO & Chief Learning Officer: Tony Kern, Ed.D.

  • Technical Writer & Editor: Paul Miller

  • Marketing & Sales: Shae Comstock

  • Web Designer: Ember & Co - Caitlin Shannon

My Role  — 

  • Creative Lead

  • Branding / Visual Identity

  • Graphic Designer

  • Editorial Designer

  • Presentation Designer

  • Curriculum Design Assistant

Conceived, designed, and implemented a modern update to the company's nearly 20-year-old brand identity. 

Convergent Performance facilitates safety in high-risk operations with customized planning, training, methodologies, and tools that emphasize deliberate practice, personal accountability, and professionalism.

More Info  — 

Convergent Performance's Creative Lead, responsible for the day-to-day branding, marketing, and creative activities of the Company. Provide all divisions with the necessary resources to ensure a consistent, standard, and effective branding strategy is followed across the company.

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