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Patriot Lacrosse Club

Patriots Lacrosse is a nonprofit recreational lacrosse club in Colorado Springs serving both boys and girls in grades K-8.

Client  — 


Board members, players, famlies of K-8 youth

My Responsibilities  —


I assumed the role of the marketing chair for the Boys and Girls Colorado Springs Lacrosse program, dedicating my time to fulfilling a range of responsibilities. These encompassed supervising the creative design and implementation of all marketing endeavors within the committee, while also actively engaging in regular committee meetings. Moreover, I skillfully captured photographs of the teams and coaches, ensuring that precious moments were preserved. Additionally, I collaborated closely with the community library to establish a promotional partnership, fostering a relationship that proved advantageous for both parties involved.

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My Role  — 


Volunteer Marketing Chair 

  • Graphic Designer

  • Brand Specialist

  • Photographer

  • Communications and Social Media Specialist

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