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North Slope 

Page and cover layout design for published books by Northslope Publications, including non-fiction and fiction novels.

Client  —                           


North Slope Publications

(Pygmy Books Print Division)   


My Role  — 


Responsible for cover, jacket design, and interior page layout for assigned titles, working closely with editors and authors.


Book Designer for the following published books:

  • Dark Wind, by Buck Myles

  • The Ghost of Nathan Hale, by Dr. Tony Kern

  • Going Pro: The Deliberate Practice of Professionalism, by Dr. Tony Kern

  • License to Kill: The Murder of Eric Scott, by Mike McDaniel and SENTINEL

  • The Permit, by William B. Scott

  • Throw Salt on the Water: A Test of Friendship and Faith, by Larry L. Luikhart

  • Window of Opportunity: Living with the Reality of Parkinson's and the Threat of Dementia, by Kirk W. Hall


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