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Active Release Techniques® (ART) 

Client  — 


Internal clients, stakeholders, ART Certified Elite Providers, Health Care Providers, and Corporate Manufacturers. 

Credits — 

  • Marketing Team

My Role  — 

  • Creative Lead

  • Branding / Visual Identity

  • Graphic Designer

  • Layout Artist

  • UI Designer

  • Presentation Designer

  • Trade Show Booth & Swag Designer

ART facilitates world-class soft-tissue and nerve care through seminars and corporate wellness programs.

More Info  — 

ART's Graphic Designer & Layout Artist, responsible for ensuring that all ART materials carry a consistent look and feel and adhere to brand guidelines. I work closely with internal clients and stakeholders to design and create business, marketing, and promotional materials for a variety of purposes and collaborate with instructors to update the content and layout of curriculum materials. 

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