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Safety Standdown​

Presentation Design for Convergent Performance keynote speakers and instructors at Bombardier Safety Standdown. 

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Safety Standdown is an annual event promoting knowledge-based pilot safety training along with personal discipline and responsibility as essential elements of aviation safety and aviation professionalism. 

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(Safety Standdown)

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Convergent Performance, LLC

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Presentation Design for the following event sessions:

  • Armored Knights: Understanding and Executing Fully Integrated Safety

  • Automation Airmanship: Rising Above Technology for 25 Years

  • Rising Above Technology: Performance Standards for 21st Century Airmanship 

  • Automation Airmanship®: Making the Most of the Human Operator in a Complex World 

  • Aviation Maintenance Never Events®

  • Earning It: How to Be Better 

  • Production and Protection: Two Sides of Sustainable Operations

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